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X Marks the Past - RR 23 accessibility pack

X Marks the Past - RR 23 accessibility pack

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This is a preorder. X Marks the Past will be released in March 2025

Something about October drew Reg to him from the moment they met.

Unbeknownst to them, their souls have been intertwined throughout countless lifetimes. As fragments of memories resurface from their past existence, Reg and October begin to grasp the magnitude of their shared history. And yet, lurking in the shadows of this extraordinary connection lurk disaster and betrayal.

With each revelation, “X Marks the Past” intensifies, taking readers on a rollercoaster ride through lifetimes intertwined. Reg and October must confront their shared history and the danger that lurks ahead. Can they forge a future together amidst the echoes of eternity or are they doomed to fail?

Prepare for an exhilarating blend of paranormal mystery, heart-pounding adventure, and unbreakable friendship in “X Marks the Past.” This captivating addition to the Reg Rawlins series will leave you breathless until its stunning conclusion.

Praise for the series:

— P D Workman has done it again; created a cast of characters and a storyline that are captivating and enthralling. Once I started this cozy I didn’t want to put it down (which can be a bad thing when you have a family to take care of…lol). I can’t wait for the other books in this series. I think Reg is going to turn out to be one of my favorite new characters. Pick up your copy as soon as possible.

— This book has all my favourite things: heart, great writing, nearly-flawless editing, something unusual in the air, and a cat. I needed a light read, and this fit the bill perfectly. Recommended.

— An exciting tale of magical adventure with lots of action from P.D Workman

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “X Marks the Past” and discover a friendship that transcends time itself. Grab your copy now and join Reg and October on their journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, and loyalty.

Fall under Reg’s spell today.

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P.D. (Pamela) Workman is a USA Today Bestselling author, winner of several awards from Library Services for Youth in Custody and the InD’tale Magazine’s Crowned Heart award, and has published over 100 mystery/suspense/thriller and young adult books.

Workman loves writing about the underdog. She has been praised for her realistic details, deep characterization, and sensitive handling of the serious social issues that appear in her stories, from light cozy mysteries to darker, grittier young adult and mystery/suspense books.

P. D. Workman does not shy from probing the deep psychological scars of childhood trauma, mental illness, and addiction. Also characteristic of this author, these extremely sensitive issues are explored with extensive empathy, described with incredible clarity, and portrayed with profound insight.
—Kim, Goodreads reviewer