Accessibility Packs

Accessibility Packs are not yet available for every book. 


If available, an Accessibility Pack contains three files:

  1. An eBook copy 
  2. A pdf copy in OpenDyslexia font with other accessibility features
  3. An autonarrated (text to speech) audiobook in mp3 format


  • Choose your typeface
  • Change the font size
  • Set your line spacing
  • Light, dark, or sepia themes



  • OpenDyslexic font is designed to be more readable for those with dyslexia
  • Rag right—not fully justified—to eliminate gaps between words
  • Paragraphs not indented, separated by extra space
  • No hyphenation



Audiobooks allow readers to listen to a book rather than or simultaneously with reading the eBook or PDF file. They are also helpful if you are someone who needs to move around while learning.

Standard audiobooks are expensive to produce. There is nothing like a voice actor narrating a book. He can add nuance and humour and many other benefits to the audiobook. I still want to produce more human narrated audiobooks. However, in order to bring more of my catalog to you in audio form, I have used text-to-speech, computer-narration technology. This allows me to reach more readers who need assistance with reading. While auto-narration is improving, these audiobooks do sound robotic and do not contain the nuance of human voice narration. Some readers will find this too distracting, but for others, it is just the tool they need to help them enjoy more books.