Are you a fan of mystery, suspense, thriller, and young adult content? Do you devour thrilling stories that keep you turning the pages long into the night?I am thrilled to introduce my new monthly subscription plans, which will bring P.D. Workman content into your inbox month after month. 

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  • Tier 1 cupcake

    Tier 1 - Your First Taste


    Free content plan

    Free eBook:
    Gluten-Free Murder

    Twice a month email from the author

  • Tier 2 apple fritter

    Tier 2 - Fritters with Friends


    All Tier 1 benefits plus

    Membership in VIP Club, including:

    – Membership Card and swag
    – Reader Forum
    – Video Meetings
    – Early notice of upcoming events or promotion

  • Tier 3 cinnamon twist

    Tier 3 - Twist of the Month Club


    All Tier 2 benefits plus

    eBook copy of my new releases delivered to you monthly at a discounted price!

  • tier 4 cinnamon bun

    Tier 4 - Hot Out of the Oven


    All Tier 3 benefits plus

    Early access to eBook copy of new releases

  • Tier 5 cupcake

    Tier 5 - Second Breakfast


    All Tier 4 Benefits plus

    Access to back catalog of books:
    1 book download per month

  • Tier 6 Cookie

    Tier 6 - One More Before Bed


    All Tier 4 Benefits plus

    Access to back catalog of books:
    2 book downloads per month

  • Tier 7 Lock

    Tier 7 - Unlock the Magic


    All Tier 4 Benefits plus

    Access to full back catalog of books

    More benefits to be added in the future!

  • Tier 8 sunrise

    Tier 8 - All is Revealed


    All Tier 4 Benefits plus

    Access to full back catalog of books

    More benefits to be added in the future!

Award-winning and USA Today Bestselling author P.D. Workman is one of Canada’s most prolific authors, bringing you new content every month of the year.

As a subscriber at Tier 2 or higher, you will have the opportunity to connect with P.D. Workman and fellow readers through our dedicated reader forum and online meetings. Laughter and animated discussions fills the virtual space, creating a sense of camaraderie and connection. You feel a sense of belonging, surrounded by fellow literary enthusiasts who share your passion for P.D. Workman’s captivating tales. Imagine engaging in discussions about your favorite characters, sharing theories, and being the first to learn about special promotions and VIP-only events. You will truly become a part of our vibrant reader community, where your passion for mystery and suspense will be celebrated.

By subscribing to our Tier 3 plan and above, you will receive P.D. Workman’s latest releases every month. Imagine eagerly opening your inbox at the break of a new day to discover the newest book from P.D. Workman at a discounted rate. No more waiting in line or searching for the next thrilling read. Just dive right in.

With each turn of the page, you will be transported to a world of suspense and mystery. The words on the screen come alive, painting vivid images in your mind. Immerse yourself in gripping plot twists and heart-pounding adventure.

Tier 4 will satisfy those who crave early access. Get P.D. Workman books before they are released to the public.

The premium tiers offer exclusive benefits, including access to P.D. Workman’s extensive back catalogue of over 100 books!

Take a look at the charts above to find your place in my reader community and to ensure that the P.D. Workman fiction keeps flowing into your inbox! With eight tiers to choose from, there is a subscription option that suits every budget and level of commitment.

I understand that life can be unpredictable, which is why I give you full control over your subscription. You can easily upgrade, downgrade, pause, or cancel anytime, ensuring that the subscription fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. And for those who prefer to make a one-time contribution, you can support my work by tipping through Ko-fi.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to embark on thrilling adventures with P.D. Workman. Subscribe today and let the excitement begin!

More About P.D. Workman

As an avid reader who loves the thrill and suspense of mystery novels myself, I understand your desire for captivating stories that leave you breathless. With P.D. Workman’s monthly subscription, you will have access to a wide range of gripping tales, from light cozy mysteries to darker, grittier young adult and mystery/suspense books. These stories have been praised for their realistic details, deep characterization, and their ability to tackle serious social issues with sensitivity.

Just read these glowing reviews:

“I am a big fan of mysteries whether they are Cozy or more hard core. Either way, you can’t go wrong with books by P.D. Workman. For cozies you have the Aunty Clem’s mysteries. If you want a bit of supernatural you can’t go wrong with Reg Rawlins Psychic Investigator. And my all time favorites are her more hard-core Zachary Goldman Private Investigator and Kenzie Kirsch Medical Thriller series. All of these series keep you reading from beginning to end waiting impatiently for the next book to come out.”

—Kandy Thome

“P.D. Workman’s books are amazing. The characters in her books are realistic and the challenges they face could be something that yourself or someone you know, are going through or have been through. There is real medical challenges like mental illness and alcoholism. The characters are not perfect and some of their actions aren’t perfect but they are very likeable. When I finish a book, I am excited for the next one in the series. If you haven’t read any of this author’s books, what are you waiting for, you might just find your next favorite author.”

—Wanda Siesicki

“P. D. Workman is one of few authors I have found with the ability to glide from one genre to another, seemingly effortlessly, while spinning truly captivating tales that are not only entertaining, but which plumb the depths of some very sensitive social issues. Her diverse array of characters are consistently interesting and engaging regardless of whether they are psychics, private investigators, bakers, or physicians. You will always be treated to an intriguing story with unexpected surprises, plenty of suspense, a bit of danger, and in some of her series, a splash of magic just for fun. With several series and 100 books to her name, you might worry that there will be nothing fresh offered to her readers but fear not, P. D. Workman never fails to deliver a unique story with a solid plot and a satisfying resolution to keep you coming back for more. 

— Kim Schup