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Dark Water Under the Bridge - PP3

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Parks Pat could be in deep water on this case!

Detective “Parks” Pat has made a name for herself in solving the Fish Creek and Glenbow Ranch murders, so she is the one they call when a body turns up in Ralph Klein Park. She would be happy for the confidence placed in her if it weren’t for the fact that the body is in the water.

Detective Pat hates the water. She’ll need to get over that if she is going to be able to investigate this case properly. Preferably before the rest of the department figures out her weakness. There is a killer out there to be caught. Somehow she’ll have to get past her block to find him.

If you enjoy good solid mysteries, well-developed wonderful characters, and beautiful scenic backdrops, this is the perfect series for you. I have never been to any of these parks (or to Canada, for that matter) but reading these stories paints such clear pictures in my mind, I feel like I could go there and know my way around.


Looking for a police procedural set in picturesque Canada? Let Award-winning and Bestselling Author P.D. Workman take you to her favourite Calgary parks, as Métis detective Margie Patenaude investigates a murder in this fast-paced new series. 

These short mysteries are just right for those days when you could use a break from your busy life. Take a walk in a Calgary park with Parks Pat.

Dive into in a new mystery today!

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