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Dave Dashaway and His Giant Airship - DD3

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In the tradition of the Bobbsey Twins and the Hardy Boys, Dave Dashaway continues to explore new horizons and to stay one step ahead of his nemesis!

Dave Dashaway is back, this time trying to beat Jerry Dawson in an airship race across the Atlantic Ocean, avoiding armed gunmen, fire, sharks, and all of the dangers of the open skies. From ghosts to stowaways, you won’t want to stop until Dave’s feet are safely on solid ground.

This Workman Classic Schoolbooks edition contains:

  • Background/Introduction
  • Biography
  • Footnotes
  • Vocabulary and Comprehension/Extension questions after each chapter
  • Discussion Questions suitable for students or book clubs
  • Extension activities
“Books for Boys” by Roy Rockwood are great for homeschoolers using classic literature studies such as Charlotte Mason or Thomas Jefferson Education. Spellings have been standardized to U.S., but the language has not been abridged or dumbed down. Short, fast-paced chapters keep students engaged.
Appropriate for middle grade readers.

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